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Red Naomi wedding design by Laura DRAGHICI

Red rose “Red Naomi” from Porta Nova Is the Symbol of Love and Passion.

Her association with love stories dates back centuries and transcends cultures. It is globally accepted that the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Red roses have…

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Claudia’s Interactive Valentine’s Day Window display that can be experienced and bought by customers

We recently partnered with one of our favourite floral artists, Claudia Tararache of Floraria Anthurium, to sprinkle some Porta Nova Red Naomi magic on the Valentine’s Season. The main idea…

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Porta Nova has been nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2023!

Porta Nova has been nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2023! President Michiel F van Ginkel conveys the message of congratulations.  According to the jury report of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award: ‘Porta…

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Power of a single Porta Nova Rose

You can always spot an adorable sparkle in someone’s eye when they receive a red rose. A sparkle that is often followed by a genuine smile that shows how much…

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mother's day bouquet dolls blumen red naomi porta nova

Happy Mother’s Day from Porta Nova

Although recent times have been challenged by the Corona pandemic, May remains to be a special month. This is because during this month people come together to honor and celebrate…

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beach wedding with porta nova red naomi white naomi ivana spinelli 45

Ivana Spinelli on intimate beach weddings & why porta nova roses fit the bill

Ivana Spinelli is known for how she brings to life the raw joys of romance through her wedding floral presentations. One of her recent works was a beach wedding on…

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porta nova Murat Simsek Mon Fleuriste

Murat’s young shop, Mon Fleuriste, relies on Top Quality Flowers and Designs

Serving a knowledgeable and discerning clientele can be both a blessing and a challenge for a florist, as Murat Simsek came to learn. Murat is the founder of Mon Fleuriste,…

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bouquet Posy floral design Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

“Why we Love Porta Nova Red Naomi” Paula, Posy Floral Design

Paula Arakas vividly remembers 2004, when armed with an undying love for flowers and an entrepreneurial mind she was joined by her husband in setting up Posy Floral Designs. She…

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Porta Nova Red Naomi Flying Dutchman Competition

Florist Regine Mottman is runner’s up for Porta Nova Flying Dutchman Competition

Florist Regine Mottmans of Belgian based Florigineel scooped second position in the recently concluded Porta Nova Red Naomi Flying Dutchman competition. Regine shared with us photos of her impressive creations…

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