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Porta Nova Red Naomi dress by Elvia at Fleuramour 2022 - Alden Biesen

Elvia stuns with a fashionable Red Naomi ‘Magic Geisha at Fleuramour 2022

The Grand Commandery Castle at Alden Biesen in Belgium played host to top floral artists and lovers of floristry during this year’s Fleuramour event. The four-day event on the 23rd…

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Making of Porta Nova White Naomi bridal bouquets by Lily Beelen

While creating her designs, Lily Beelen often chooses to contrast between modern forms and natural lines. Sometimes she opts to become abstract in her delivery, starting from a mathematical form…

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Porta Nova Magna bunch

Welcome back Porta Nova Magna.

In April 2020, the first roses were planted in the new greenhouse and we started to build up the plants. On 29th of July, the first rough stems were harvested…

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"A broken heart hurts but will be healed and blossom again" Conny's design with Porta Nova

“A broken heart hurts but will be healed and blossom again” Conny’s design with Porta Nova

Conny van der Westerlaken is an accomplished florist who has had quite a number of stellar moments in her floral art career. Her talent has won her several accolades; notably…

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mother's day bouquet dolls blumen red naomi porta nova

Happy Mother’s Day from Porta Nova

Although recent times have been challenged by the Corona pandemic, May remains to be a special month. This is because during this month people come together to honor and celebrate…

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#FlowerBoostChallenge #SayItWithFlowers florists campaign by Porta Nova

Dear Florist and Floral Trade, We at Porta Nova have taken up a challenge of launching an international campaign whose main objective is to help florists build sales and support…

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Claudia Tararache among florists spreading hope amid pandemic

These are challenging times not only for the flower industry but for mankind in general. But amid the COVID 19 solemn moments are pockets of hope and cheer brought about…

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Buy Flowers not toiletpaper

“HOARDING” at your local FLORIST! Forget about hoarding at the supermarket! In case you’re under lock-down in the coming weeks with your family make sure that you do some ‘Panic-Buying’…

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Tobias Kopp red naomi

A Chat with Tobias Kopp on his DIY tutorials and Porta Nova roses

Tobias Kopp uses his online platforms to showcase different floral arrangments that can guide and inspire both hobbyists and professionals. His instructional DIY videos are such a marvel in their…

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