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Porta Nova floral “Jellyfish”, floristry and the importance of good quality

Claudia shares about floristry, the importance of quality and a certain Porta Nova floral “Jellyfish” bouquet

Flowers in their unique nature, are an ultimate statement of love and affection, especially during this Valentine’s season. Floral designer, Claudia Tararache fittingly states that Porta Nova Red Naomi roses…

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‘Heart for Heart’, a luxurious White Naomi bouquet by Ioachim Erema

We challenged one of our favourite floral designers, Ioachim Erema, to play around with our new Porta Nova White Naomi roses. The floral designer created this beautiful heart for heart…

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Fabio Sicurella’s Porta Nova Red Naomi Valentines Day inspiration

This Valentine’s Day, Fabio Sicurella shares floral inspiration through these beautiful arrangements with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses. Fabio Sicurella is a second-generation florist taking after his mother who established…

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IPM Essen Porta Nova Red Naomi Lana Bates Valentines Day guests 63

Lana Bates lights up IPM Essen with a lovely arrangement featuring Porta Nova roses

Top pic: Lana Bates’ floral presentation with Porta Nova roses and other top roses From January 22nd to 25th this year, the floriculture world converged at Messe Essen for one…

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Roman Steinhauer’s porta nova love heart Valentine’s Day Floral Fundamentals

Porta Nova wishes you a successful Valentine’s Day full of love

top: Roman Steinhauer’s love heart design was one among beautiful presentations in the Valentine’s Day edition of Floral Fundamentals magazine. It is Valentine’s season, so let’s talk love and all…

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‘Love will keep you warm’ – Valentine’s Day with Alex Segura and Porta Nova roses

Subtle hints of a future in floristry could be seen in Alex Segura back when he was a child. He would be diligent in his spending throughout the year, then…

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Valentine's Day ultimate symbol of love porta nova red naomi roses 15

Show ultimate love with Porta Nova Red Naomi this Valentine’s Day

During Valentine’s Day, people from all walks of life go to great lengths to show affection to their loved ones. Red roses are regarded as the most popular way to…

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Valentine inspriration by Timo Bolte with Porta Nova Red Naomi SUPRA roses 9


With the season of love just a blink away, floral designer Timo Bolte brings us some Valentine’s Day inspiration not only with a gorgeous Porta Nova heart design, but also…

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Valentine's day designs with porta nova red naomi 114

Guaranteed Quality also during Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is around the corner! We know it is a very busy period, where quality is something you have to be able to count on. To also secure the…

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